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Kids X-Press, Inc.  is an award winning non-profit organization whose mission is to promote learning, literacy and leadership. We encourage children of all abilities from all ethnic, social and economic backgrounds to express their opinions and feelings through their writing and artwork.  Every child has a story to tell, a message to convey, a picture to draw, or an experience to relate. These stories become an important tool through which children learn to express themselves and proclaim to others information about their world. This helps to lay the foundation for understanding and accepting each other's differences while discovering similarities in a world filled with diversity. Self-expression is a means by which children can discover their self-worth and feel a sense of pride that is derived from accomplishment. Validating their work through publishing fosters a safe environment for their thoughts.  Small but meaningful successes have the capacity to transform children into high achievers.

Presenting the  world from a kids-eye  view, this quarterly publication primarily  gets  its content from our independent submitters and students participating in our hands-on educational workshops. This full color publication is in fact, the only magazine written and illustrated  for kids by kids. It is currently  distributed  in a number of cities across the country and in some cases, internationally  through library systems and other venues. It is also open to all children as a publishing  platform and we encourage all children  to  send  us  an independent submission. Companies and organizations can underwrite workshops for schools and after-school programs.   



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Kids X-Press offers a variety of workshop packages that can be customized to your students’ needs. Our programs are designed to be adaptable as either an enrichment program or to provide remedial support to your students.  In our efforts to better serve the needs of the most challenged and reluctant children, the workshops utilize a variety of teaching  strategies  and  incentives  that  help  children  overcome  social, learning, and physical barriers that can prevent the children from seeing themselves as serious learners and potential authors. Children participating in these sessions will receive a workshop publication of their work. Sometime after  the  culminating  celebration,  their  work  is  published  in  our  formal quarterly magazine that has a reach of many thousands across the globe.



This is a unique opportunity for children to interview a wide range of people and report on current events. This is coordinated by Kids X-Press staff and the articles become part of the seasonal magazine. Our reporters have had the opportunity to meet and interview such notables as Hillary Clinton, Soledad O’Brien, Patti LaBelle, Donald Trump and more.                                

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